Making Ends Meet

Making Ends Meet is for people who SHOULD be making enough to, well, make ends meet but instead just live paycheck to paycheck- one emergency to the next, on the edge of disaster, always stressed. I want to help you break that cycle. I'm only interested in people who are ready for serious change in their life.

What I have for you here- called the Three Piece Plan is both simple, yet requires real change. I'm here to help you and guide and lead and follow you. I think Making Ends Meet will revolutionize your life, if you're ready for a new beginning you've come to the right place.

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Here's more info:

My Mantra

What you read in this section is my mantra, they my promises to you, my mia culpa. I'v waited a long time to launch Making Ends Meet and you are my dream and my ministry and my passion. I am here for you- keep reading -->


For you- you will pay nothing ever. Later I plan on there being a small annual addmission to be here. But not for you, you're in forever. I'm not selling data or email addresses. I'm not selling you a book or a program and am not making money from any third party. This is from me to you.

The Plan

This plan (I call it the Three Piece Plan) came to me ten years ago before I had kids. And I've wanted to help people with their finances since college. I consider it a ministry. It's simply a way of arranging your finances to help get you out of debt, keep you out of debt, help you save, and reduce the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.


For now will email back and forth. We will work with Google Sheets to figure out where you are financially and to set up your Three Piece Plan. We will talk and learn and plan and think together to help get you stable. I'll learn from you be and able to help others better.

Who are you?

A prophet has no honor at home. So I stay anonymous here for now, but will tell you exactly who I am when you email me to get started- See I'm not in this for me first. I'm here for you.

Just tell you?

Why don't I just write an article and tell people how to do this? Because you wouldn't- my method is really simple, but it's easy to just read an article. Making real change is hard and I want to make sure you actually make changes and have the best sucess you can. Plus the more people I help the more I'll learn the REALITY of people's lives and I can help others better.

How's it work?

By smoothing out the flow of your money. See- you're probably not living way beyond your means- you're just spending it at funny times. We will even out your cash so it's there when you need to pay bills. And you know those stressful days waiting for a paycheck? Those will go away.

Easy to use?

I'm the most disorganized person. I can't follow systems, keep up with spreadsheets, etc. You literally do not have to track anything to use the Three Piece Plan. Once you set it up you don't have to do anything else ever. For a few weeks we will have you track some small things, but long term The Plan runs itself.

Is this Financial Advice?

Not at all. I won't give you actual financial advice. I give you words to follow and tools to use- this site is like reading a book that you help write- but I'm not a financial advisor in any way and won't act like one.

Who's this for?

This is important because Making Ends Meet is for specific people- people who make "plenty" of money but are still stretched thin. If you are in a true situation of poverty you need different resources. If you are truly wealthy but are under stress of some kind- I'm not the guy for you. But if you have a steady income and are just stressed about money and debt- maybe the things you read here and the Three Piece Plan can help you.


OK more about me- I'm married and have two kids and two dogs and house not too far out in the country. It has a barn and a spring fed creek that never stops running. We have chickens and two sheep. I need more sheep. Basically I am living the American Dream. But most importanly I am saved by the grace and mercy of God and am promised an eternity in heaven.

Saved huh?

Literally. God- He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand (that's Psalms 40 v2) Like the old hymn says- I was sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shore, but the Master of the sea lifted me out and now safe am I. Folks really, I was in bad shape and am so blessed and grateful to still be "standing".

A Christian site?

Not JUST for Christians. The things I say here are full of hope and life and love and you are welcome here. Just know that my love for Jesus will be on full display. I am a miserable and sad hypocrite of a person but try hard every day and I want to share that journey with you. OF course if you are a fellow believer you understand and I hope to sojourn with you here.


This is important- I didn't want to do a blog or be on YouTube. As a matter of fact this site is exclusive- I'm only letting 10,000 people in. Promise. I want to minister to a group of people who are serious about changing their life. A place where we can connect and feel like family.


Again- for you there's nothing to buy here. No upgrades or plans or books or content or coaching. Nothing. Later I think a small admission fee will help keep things going here. But if you're reading this you are in for free.

Ask questions. Get started.

I know there is a bunch of junk out there. I know people's motives are not always clear. So ask me questions, any question. After all Making Ends Meet is all about the conversation. But the time for change in your life is now- just email